Woven Branches  - Herbal Medicine, Basketry, Wild Food and Living with Nature

There is a vast world of plants, wooded trails, beautiful vistas, city parks, weeds and flowers waiting to be appreciated and explored. 
Woven Branches facilitates a connect with the natural world - teaching old ways to honor and explore its resources and the healing energy it brings to the human soul.

I want to be a catalyst, a guide and teacher and to help others find a path to their truest selves. 

Woven Branches facilitates:

          - More connection between humans and the earth
          - More singing and circling around the fire
                                                      - More asking plants for help and healing
                                                      - More gentleness and feeling alive

Come with me on a journey to become both teacher and a student of the universe!

Join me:  learning, guiding, creating educational opportunities, encouraging others to live simply in their connection to the earth and vibrantly in how they spend their time.
Explore our website for more information about herbs, setting up a consult, finding or booking a basket class, or joining in on an adventure!
Contact Erin at: Ereanna@hotmail.com

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