Woven Branches  - Herbal Medicine, Basketry, Wild Food and Living with Nature
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BOSS: Boulder,Utah
I have spent the last three years learning, living and working in southern, Utah at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School.

I have learned so much from the desert and the canyons. Though I am still getting acquainted with the flora and fauna of this new place to me, I am grateful for all the healing energy the rocks and waters of this place hold.
You can FIND woven Branches at these ANNUAL events and classes:
Buckeye Gathering
, CA, May
Slickrock Gathering
, UT, May
Traditional Ways
, WI, August
, ID, September
Saskatoon Circle
, WA, Sept
Winter Count
, AZ, Feb
 BASKETRY with Erin
Specializing in teaching both Traditional Wicker style basketry and hybrid basketry styles combining many traditions, you can find a class in most corners of the country.

The most popular classes are in a 3-day format where students learn all the basic foundations of weaving a base, building the sides with decorative weaves and finishing with a strong functional border.

Short format classes are available including: ribbed baskets, various soft fiber/cordage baskets, cattail weaving, black ash basketry, and birch bark containers.

 Wild Food Adventures!

*Now that I am living mostly on the west coast and the south west, I am not making out to gather and collect as often as I would like. I miss the midwest and the seasonal harvests that are so grounding to me. But, I am happy to share my knowledge and information about Wild Foods.

March - April HayCreek Sugarbush, Nemadji State Forest, Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar camp
April-May  Spring Edibles Canoe trip - varies
Summer       Berries, greens, flowers, fish
August       Wild Rice Harvest and Processing
Fall               Bear fat, Acorns, Hackberries, wild roots
OctUBER    Wapato and Lotus Harvest, Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge
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