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Organ Imbalances and Emotions: How they interact and how to keep the peace in the body-mind connection
DECEMBER 1st, 6- 8 p.m.
$15/person or *Bring a friend for $20
Location TBD, Register for more info.

We intuitively know that some emotions are rooted and connected to certain organs. We speak of our "gut instincts" or someone having a lot of "Gall" and we know what it means. Imbalances in an organ can affect our emotions and vice versa. By understanding the relationship, we can better serve ourselves and others in our search for most joyful, healthy, abundant life.

Winter IMMUNITY and HEALTH for your Constitution
Monday, Dec. 15th  6 - 8:30 p.m.
Eco-House @ Fertile Ground, Olympia, WA
E-mail me to Register, EREANNA@hotmail.com
$20/ class or $75 for the Series

  Come Learn about what you need to do to stay healthy in this damp PNW climate. How does your specific constitution and energetic balance interact with winter? What can you do to boost your bodies natural defenses and strengths and minimize stressers for your unique body?

Healing with Plant Medicines 3-Class Series
Mondays from 6 - 8 p.m.
$30/ class or $75/ series

 Nov. 17th Herbs for Dancers and Yogis -
Herbs for keeping the body active and healthy and Flower Essences to compliment and enlighten the work you are doing on the mat or dance floor.

Dec. 15th Winter Health and Immunity -
Learn what your energetic constitution is and how to keep in it balanec in this wet and damp winter weather. We will also review how to choose immune boosting herbs for lungs and kidneys that support your unique constitution.

Jan. 12th Reading Your Child's Health -
How to pinpoint a child's constitution and how to support a child's health by adjusting their routine, food, environment for optimal balance; learn how their bodies speak what their words can't about what is happening inside of them.


NEW!! Starting in January ...

Erin is teaming up with Sean Croke to provide an in depth Plant Studies program!!!
* Click the tabs to the left "Hawthorn School of Plant Medicine*

"Beginner Willow Basketry",
"Dance as Magic", &
"Plant Allies to the Spirit- Flower Essences"

@ Saskatoon Circle Primitive Skills Gathering, Twisp, WA
Sept. 28- Oct 5th


"Energetic Diagnostics: Reading the Face, Tongue and Pulse"

@ Dandelion Seed Conference, Olympia, Wa
October 18th, 11:00 a.m.

As an herbalist we are required to assess and understand what is going on inside a person's body and within their organs with out the use of high tech medical equipment and tests. But, that's okay! It is how medicine worked for the majority of human history. And, there are reliable and consistent ways to assess what you cannot see deep with in the body tissues by using markers expressed where we CAN see. This class is based on 6 years of clinical experience, as well as, my work with herbalist and author Matthew Wood. Students will get a basic overview of how to "see" stress, disease, organ weakness, and energetic imbalances as they manifest on the face, tongue, body and in the pulse. A basic understanding of energetics and tissue states is recommended; as this short intro class will focus on how to read the maps of the body but will not cover an in depth lesson on what tissue states are or mean for treatment.

 6 Month Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship
with Erin Adams and Sean Croke
Olympia, Wa
November 2014 - April 2015

This is an opportunity to learn all the basics and then some more from A-Z. This class will cover energetic plant medicine, understanding the spirit of the plants, indentificaion and botany, hands-on medicine making, assessing constitutions and reading tissue states and organ health with face, tongue and pulse diagnosics. Class will meet a fewtimes a month for 6 months, with a few evening and weekends. Details to come. Please, call for more information: 216-906-6915


Integrated Beginner/Intermediate Whole Shoot Willow Basketry Class, Olympia, WA3 day Format, Dates TBD either March 20-24 or 29, 30, 31
$175 *sliding scale and work trade available. 

Basic Willow Baskets
Buckeye Gathering,
Forestville, California
*see event website for registration and tuition info

Week Long Basketry Intensive
Boulder, UT
Slickrock Gathering

Energetic Plant Medicine:

Monday Night Series
6:00 - 8:30

Developing and Utilizing a language of energetics for understanding people and nature is a powerful tool for healing yourself, balancing relationships, overcoming blocks and obstacles in your life.

In this class, we will learn and practice a system of energetic medicine that is influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Homeopathy. We will learn:
 - Seeing and understanding Constitutions
 - How to MATCH plant medicine with people rather than with their symptoms
 - Tools to recognize patterns of imbalance by connecting organs and emotions
 - Speak to and read energetic patterns using my system of 5 elements
 - Hone  your own intuition as a human in relationship or as healers and practitioners

Each student will leave the class with a better understanding of themselves and others.
Highly recommended for both the novice and expert herbalist, Reiki practitioners, Mothers and anyone working in helping professions!!!

Class Schedule

1/27  Intro: Yin/Yang, 5 Elements, TCM, Ayurveda
2/3    Organ systems: Emotional, Spiritual and Physical connections
2/10   No class - (come to Wintercount!)
2/17   Diagnosing with Face, Pulse, Tongue 
2/24   Pulse Testing, Muscle Testing and Dousing 101
3/3     Using the Pulse 102
3/10   Energetics in Nature: Flavors, Doctrine of Signatures
3/17  Putting it all together: Practice, Intuition, and Guidance

Class Fee:
$15/Class drop-in
$85/Full Series
*sliding scale and barter available.

Contact me to register and for location details!!

Basketry Basics - February 11-14th 

Maricopa, AZ @ Wintercount Primitive Skills Gathering


Community Wellness Symposium
Olympia, Washington
 Starting in February -TBD

Join Herbalist, Erin Adams;
Reiki Practitioner, Amy  Taylor;
Doula, Emily Pixie and
Nutritionist, Rylee Uhlrich
for a Drop-in Consultations AND Community Wellness Panel discussion. 

*Sliding scale and donation-based education and wellness for the community.*
**More details to come**



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