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New! 3 Season Herbal Studies Program


** this page is still in progress, keep checking for more info**

Come join Herbalists Sean Croke and Erin Adams on an adventure deep in to the world of plant medicines.

We will be communing with nature, learning our botany, learning to listen and hear plants, understanding disease and illness as energetic imbalance and a little bit of science.

Students will learn and multi-layered beginning and intermediate skills to practice herbal medicines, to support your friends and family in their health and to take care of yourself. 

*** Join us for  a FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS on DECEMBER 20th!!! ***
MAKING INFUSED HONEYS, PLANT TASTING and Introduction to Hawthorn School

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Meet Sean Croke: 

Sean is a wildcrafter, medicine maker, and gardener who has been working with the plants of the Pacific Northwest for eight years. He is a co-founder of Understory Apothecary which produces small batch tinctures of local herbs, and is also involved in Cascadia Terroir which produces essential oils from native plants. He is a graduate of The Evergreen State College with a BA/BS where he focused on Ethnobotany and Organic Chemistry. He is currently studying wildcracafting and plant spirit medicine with the School of Forest Medicine. Sean can be found vending at the Olympia Farmer's Market, is involved with the Olympia Free Herbal Clinic, leads classes in the Olympia area, and would love to help out in your garden.
More from Erin Adams: 

Erin has been studying plant medicine for 16 years! A passion that has taken many shapes and forms.   

I truly believe in working with the matrix between the spiritual self and the physical self - that we are heavily influenced in this life and in these bodies by both our innate human biology/evolution AND, equally so, the divine purpose we came in to this world to fulfill. Unique to each of us is our DNA, our heritage, how we were raised and influenced by our parents (and their parents), and the experiences and traumas that have shaped us. Universal to all of us is that we are beings in a web of life that extends farther back in time then is fathomable and that we are a deliberate and purposefully placed part of that web. Plants have evolved in co-creation with human beings in this web - in both physical and energetic ways. We are innately connected to them and they to us. They are a wonderful tool for reuniting with, reinvigorating, our human nature - our presence in this body and in this life. I see a lot of "disease" and "illness" and general discomfort with the body happening all around me everyday. As I try to understand it and to help others navigate it, I rely on a sense of trust and knowing that our bodies are doing the best they can to serve us with in the ways the spirit and the ego are dancing together.  Plants can act as catalyst for redirecting the body back in to balance and, also, just simply clarify the messages between the brain, the heart and the body. They are maps to us; There are cells and DNA in our body that remember how to use them and what they mean. Humans have not failed to thrive for hundreds of thousands of years with out the advanced technologies, sciences and pharmaceuticals we have today. Your body knows and remembers what "healthy" is. Most of what makes us uncomfortable (disease, illness, etc.)  is an attempt at bringing balance in to the WHOLE being.  So, we can work with plant medicines to listen more closely to what direction is being asked of us: "what is our true path and purpose in this life?" By getting in alignment with that knowledge and guidance from the plants we will see our minds, our bodies and our spirits working in harmony to create our most joyful abundant life possible. . 

      3-Season Herbal Medicine Program


Course Overview

This course is designed to be a well-rounded program covering three main aspects of working with herbal medicine:  1) the plants: the botany, science and craft of medicine making 2) People: Constitutions, Energetics, diagnostics, physiology of the human body and 3) Spirit: the magic, the connection to the whole, the  unseen, inner guidance and working with that which is bigger than ourselves. We going to meet approximately every 3rd Saturday for 9 months. The program will be broken down in to 3 modules Winter, Spring and Summer. 

The Winter Module will focus on Basic Medicine Making, Ethics, Plant Identification, Plant Attunement, Introduction to Flower Essences,  Introduction to Energetics, Tissue States, Constitutional Medicine, Overview of Traditional Western Herbal Medicine. Winter Materia Medica, and Working with Intuition and guides.

The Spring and Summer Modules will cover Advanced Medicine Making (Spagyrics, working with planetary influences, formulating, etc ...), Advanced Diagnostic tools (Face, Tongue, Pulse and Dermatomes), Materia Medica, Plant Spirit Medicine, Plant Provings, Making and Using Flower Essences, Plant lore, Ethnobotany, Clinic Skills, and Client intake.

We will be splitting our time between the classroom and the working in the field. There will be lots of hands on time, lots of hiking and exploring, some meditating and tuning in, some readings and work outside of class, a fair amount of lecture and (hopefully) interesting dialogue and questions.  It will be interactive and involved, as well as, quiet and contemplative. You will be asked to work on your own journey as part of the journey we are taking together.

You can expect to learn a lot about who you are and what it means to be you, your place among this vast world of beings we share it with. You can expect to be challenged, intrigued, confused, ignited, taught, inspired - not only by the curriculum and your teachers, but by the plants themselves.

There will also be auxiliary lessons happening Between classes on Monday evenings: Plant tastings, Q&A, Facilitated discussions of the Readings, etc ... for Students who want more time to deepen their skills, practice and connect with other students.

Registration and Pricing

We have done a lot of thinking and planning to make this class accessible to a wide range of people by keeping the cost comparably low compared to other programs. The cost of the program is $400 for each module. Or, $950 for the whole program if paid by January 10th. The Earlybird Special for Winter Module is $375 and ends December 20th.

Their will be an additional fee for any auxillary classes but students from the program will get a discounted rate. Students will also get discounts on consults and sessions with Erin and Woven Branches Healing Arts.

We will be keeping the class size small to accommodate the best learning environment for all. Please, register to hold your space in the class.

DROP-IN'S:: We are allowing students to drop-in to classes as they wish. We are posting the curriculum for each class to our facebook page. 

To register please e-mail us with the following information and send check or paypal payment:

3 sentence blurb about who you are - please no paragraphs. (you can speak to your hobbies, passions, age, job, interests, favorite books, etc. whatever feels most alive in you right now.)
What draws you to this program?
What limitations or obstacles do you see in participating with this class?
What experience do you have with plants, nature, herbs, healing arts, bodywork, anatomy, etc?
Is there anything else you would like us to know about?
Method of Payment?:

* If you are really passionate about participating, but are concerned about the price, please contact us to apply for Monthly payment plan, Work-trade Scholarships or Sliding Scale.

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