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         There's a myriad of health imbalances that can interfere with a persons ability to thrive in the life he or she chooses.  Many people spend a lot of time and energy looking for answers, pills, doctors, supplements and medicines to help them feel better. 

I believe that somewhere in your body - locked beneath all the disease, illness, discomfort, stress and pain - your cells, organs, muscles and bones remember what it means to be "healthy" .     

Chronic pain,  chronic disease, illness, depression and stress are the result of your bodies messaging system trying to guide you toward change: you have gotten stuck and need to a little help moving forward in your growth and wellness process.

 My role in healing work  is to help people listen to their own  body and intuition.

How I do what I do ...

I use a model based on five elements (Earth, wind, fire, water, and metal) - influenced by teachings from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Greek Humoral medicine, plant spirit medicine, Ecclectism, Homeopathy,  and Ayurvedic medicine. I use the elements as a language for understanding  health and imbalance in 5 main areas of our lives: 
- our own bodies - muscles, cells, bones, hormones, etc..
- in relation to universe, spirit, god, that which is bigger than us
- in our mental chatter and inner dialogue
- in our homes, workspaces and geography
- with in our families, friendships and communities. 

We as humans are in a constant movement to create balance in our lives. Chronic and unchanging health conditions are often a call for change and movement in our heart, spirit and minds. And, emotional and spiritual imbalances can eventually cause physical health problems.

The root of my healing model is constitutional analysis and understanding the tissue states with in the organ systems in the body. I rely on pulse diagnostics, pulse testing/muscle testing remedies, "reading" the tongue, face and dermatomes. 

 I use herbal extracts and tinctures, fresh plant material, flower essences, rocks and stones as catalysts in the healing process. I also employ  meditation, somatic experience therapy, prayer and ancient body work - such as traditional European and Chinese Cupping practices and Reiki.

Together we will design a natural and simple, sustainable  wellness plan that is created directly from the information your body is telling me. Your personal regimen will refresh the bodies processes and nudge it in the right direction towards healing itself. Moving forward emotionally and spiritually out of "stuck" places.

Everything we do we do together. All the medicines and techniques I use are designed to compliment your natural healing process - to work  WITH your body and your NATURAL rhythms to restore your health. It is an integrated and holistic model that doesn't relying on chemicals, pharmaceuticals and modern western science. It is accessible to anyone. It is something that anyone can learn and anyone can do. And, hopefully in this process you will learn to do for yourself.  It is a healing modality based on compassion and trust - helping you to trust yourself, listen to your body and to take charge of your own healing journey.

While struggling with health issues, it's easy for someone to fall into the routine of "fighting with your own body".  But, I don't think that being sick or struggling with your health means that you are broken. You do not need to wage a war against your own body. There is nothing "wrong" with you. Your body is doing the best it can given the current resources and understanding you have to restore balance and health that is the natural human condition. There is a healing plan in place in your body. Sometimes it isn't pretty or comfortable or necessarily exactly what we want for ourselves. So, we can turn to plant medicines and earth based medicines and use them as a messaging system to tell the body what we DO want it to do. And, we can look at what's happening and appreciate all the hard work and effort (all-be-it misguided) that your bosy is throwing at a problem and begin to uncover and understand "the problem".
And, that is exactly where I start when I begin working with clients.

For hundreds and thousands of years, the human body has not failed to thrive, to overcome disease and illness. There is a natural balance  and simple way to restore it. There are cells and DNA in your body that have been passed on from times when humans rely solely on the earth and simple plant medicines to restore health. Those message systems in your DNA and cells still remember what plants do. They come in to the body like a map pointing the way when your body is confused.

For many many people feeling healthy has become a challenge. I believe that  in order to thrive again we need to reconnect with the natural world that has supported us and helped us heal, learn and grow for hundreds of years. If we are meant to be here, then we are meant to be learning from all this  health struggles included. So, once we start listening, we will find answers. This is far better medicine then anything that will mask symptoms, or chemically fool the body in to believing that something else is happening. Being with what is right now and working it out is gentler in the now and has a greater long term benefit to your health.

In my practice, I hope to help others find more resources with in themselves. To trust themselves and their bodies to heal with the help and guidance of the earth's energy and plants.
We all deserve to feel healthy and alive and to thrive again!
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