Woven Branches  - Herbal Medicine, Basketry, Wild Food and Living with Nature
Personal Wellness Consults -
     This is a clinical opportunity to have your health concerns analyzed and diagnosed from an energetic standpoint. Much like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, I don't make plant recommendations or prescribe plant medicines with out a thorough case history and a full energetic assessment. I will look at the pulse, tongue and other indications to help you understand what your body is trying to do and why it might not be working. All clients will leave with a personalized wellness plan that is based on what you want for yourself and what your body is telling me. All remedies with be muscle-tested to ensure that they are a true fit for you.  Initial Consult is $75 -100, and follow-up's are prorated at $60/hr. Remedies not included. 

Reiki, Cupping, Body work, Ritual and Healing Sessions -
      These multi-faceted sessions are the cornerstone of the work I do. In these sessions, I will listen and follow my intuition to do a healing session for you. I will pick from the many skills, tools and modalities I use to layer prayer, intention, plant medicine and energy work to your healing journey. We will talk in depth about what your body is needing, what the spiritual and emotional components are (including past life karma, entity attachments, cording and Chakra imbalances), what the bones/organs of the body are weak or out of balance and design a plan for progress toward your most radiant self. Sessions may include some but not all of the following: cupping, flower essences, Reiki, Chakra balancing, healing stones, bodywork/healing touch, herbal remedies, song, meditations; recommendations for daily prayers, matras or practices; designing rituals/ceremonies to do on your own; reflections about external imbalances (home, family, work, environment, lifestyle)  from an energetic/constitution perspective, tools/techniques for somatic release and awareness. Some clients will leave with remedies or recommendations, others work will be completed in the session. $100/session *Sliding Scale available

Web Consults - 
       I am now available via skype to support you on your healing journey. Using the tools listed above and relying on my intuition and the help of dousing. I can do distance healing work and or offer an herbal consult.

Personalized Flower Essence Formulas -
     With a short e-mail conversation or phone call, you will answer some questions about what emotional/spiritual work you would like support with and I will design a flower essence formula to bring plant allies to your journey. I will connect up to my guides and helpers and use dousing or muscles testing to create the right formula for you. All formulas with be preserved in a tasty elixir that you will enjoy taking. $30 includes the interview and an ounce of the remedy. Follow-up within 3-6 weeks, $20.

Rituals and Ceremonies - Support, Guidance and Creative Co-Creation
          In times of deep transformation and change, we sometimes feel called to honor the shifting with a ritual or ceremony: Marriage. Birth. Illness. Transition. New home. Planetary shifts and Astrological events. Divorce. Conflict Resolution. Changing Relationships. Birthdays. Rites of Passage for teenagers. Commitment Ceremonies. Manifesting Rituals. Abortion. Miscarriage. Maybe you just need to hit the reset button - Whatever is calling you. I can help create a simple ritual for you to do on your own, or a gathering of  your friends/ family to honor an event or transition. We can work in depth and create a complex multi-stage journey or a simple prayer and fire ritual. I know songs for every occasion and I have plant allies to support all facets of transition, change, celebration. We can design a container to mark an ending or infuses our lives with wishes, intentions and prayers. *Sliding Scale and highly variable fee: $50 - $300

Energetic Home or Space Clearings - 
         Using plants, stones, Reiki, smudge, fire, water, prayer and song, I can come in a clear a space of old energy, stagnant energy, entities or spiritual residue from an event/conflict/trauma with in a space or just negative vibes. We will also set intentions in the space. You will get a flower essence and essential oil spray to use on your own. This is great in new homes, before and after a home birth, in tumultuous family relationships (do you have teenage kids??), in bedrooms to enhance sleep (or play =) or for children with sleep disturbances. Individual sessions are $75. In addition to house cleaning, $25. See www.humblehome.vpweb.com for more details on cleaning services.

**** All services and Classes are available at Sliding Scale or Barter/Trade for those who make less income in a year than I do. ****

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